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Sunday Mornings


Once a month on the first Sunday we have a separate group for children which meets during the Sunday morning service. The children are in the service at the start and leave after the first hymn, returning during communion. Our aim is to help our children learn about God and develop a relationship with Him whilst having fun. We focus on the same passage as the adults are hearing in church, and we do a range of activities to help us understand and engage with the Bible including crafts, games and reflection. We also make sure we pray together, for ourselves, others in church and the rest of the world.

All-age family praise services

Once a month on the third Sunday we have an all-age Family Praise which is a more informal service. We have some action songs (for a selection of the songs we sing in our Family Praise service, please see here), and some interactive games, quizzes, and ways of praying, as well as a talk that’s suitable for all ages,  as we try to understand and apply God’s word together. 

Themed crafts/activities

Twice a month on the second and fourth Sundays our children remain in the service to worship with the rest of the church family. We love being together to worship and we see think it’s important to model and include children so that they can get familiar with the structure and rhythms of a service. On these Sundays, we have crafts/activities set out in the children’s area which relate to the readings and sermons, and also some reflective colouring. We have children’s Bibles available for a variety of ages so that children can have a look at the passage by themselves, and sometimes we also have a prayer activity set out. We find that often children drift between activities and toys in the children’s area and sitting alongside their grown ups to take part in other bits of the service - that’s absolutely fine.

Children’s area

We have a children’s area at the front right hand side of church which has books, toys and drawing materials. From here the children can see what’s going on at the front of church and join in with singing, prayers or other parts of the service. In front of this area there are two rows of seating so parents can easily be within reach of their children and be able to participate in the service - or feel free to sit in the children’s area

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