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Faith & Families at Home

In addition to providing a chance for our children and young people to learn about God on a Sunday morning, we want to do as much as possible to equip families to share faith together at home. This can often feel really daunting but there are lots of great resources and simple ideas available which can help a lot.

We provide specific packs for Advent and Lent with activities which families can take home and use together as they prepare for Christmas and Easter (these have also been popular for others in our congregation!). We also try to have something to take away from our all-age services that helps the whole congregation including our families and young people to reflect on and discuss the teaching at home.

We would encourage you to make sure that you have a Bible that’s appropriate for your child’s age and level of understanding. There’s a great blog post here with mini-reviews of many children’s Bibles and which ones are recommended for different age groups. We have some of these in the vicarage or church if you’d like to borrow them to flick through and check whether they might work for your child.

There are lots of other resources that can help families to pray together, read the Bible together, build routines and generally ‘do faith’ at home. Do get in touch if there’s something specific you’re looking for, and we can probably recommend something!

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