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We want to be able to welcome everyone to church and so we are keen to try to address any barriers which might make it difficult for you or others you might come with. Below we’ve set out some detail about what’s available - but please do get in touch if there’s anything additional that would be helpful for you, we’ll try our best to find a solution! 



We have a T-loop available in church; our services and music are miked.



We have a larger-print version of the notice sheet and order of service available each week (font size 18) - please contact us if you require one with a larger font or would like the document emailed to you to view on your own device during the service. 


For services where we use a projector and screen, all words are also available in a hard copy larger-print format. 



Access to the church is largely although not entirely flat. From the road to the church entrance is a sloped path which is tarmac and then gravel; with a small step of approx 3 inches from the gravel to the entrance slope; there is small ramp up to the step but it’s not in great condition. There is also a small lip into the corridor from the church leading to the hall/toilets, which has a wooden ramp.

Within the main church building, all of our chairs are moveable, so we can accommodate wheelchairs in any place. There is a permanent ramp to access the chancel.

The main church entrance has double doors which can both be opened for access. From the church to the hall, there is a minimum width through the doors of XXcm. 

Unfortunately there is no accessible toilet. There are grab bars in the ladies’ toilet.

There is limited parking immediately on-site; but please contact us if you have mobility restrictions and would like a car parking space reserved.



We have a sensory box available if useful for you or someone you come with - please just ask the person who welcomes you at the door. It contains ear defenders and a range of fidget toys which offer different sorts of sensory input. If it would be helpful for you to visit church before attending the service, the building is usually open during the week, or do get in contact and we’d be glad to arrange a time for you to drop by.



We have gluten-free wafers available for communion; please just ask the person who welcomes you at the door. The wine we use for communion is alcoholic; please contact us to discuss if this is a problem.

We try to have gluten-free biscuits and dairy-free milk available for our after-church refreshments and all of our events. If you have specific dietary needs or allergies you would like us to cater for, please let us know.

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