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Stand with Ukraine

The news from Ukraine continues to fill us with horror and concern, and it’s so important that we keep praying.

If you would like to give financially in response to this crisis then please consider the appeals of the Disaster Emergency Committee and Christian Aid. Links are below:

We’d also like to support the Cheshunt Branch of the Association of Ukranians in Great Britain who are providing resources to soldiers, families, children, doctors and volunteers in Ukraine. Below is their essential aid list and church will be open 10am-4pm every day this week for any donations, or you could take it directly to the Broxbourne Food Bank. Please, no clothes, footwear, toys or books.


- First aid kits

- Field bandages

- Paracetamol

- Ibuprofen

- Cold/Flu treatment

- Antiseptic cream

- Bandages

- Sterile dressings

- Surgical tape

- Wound closure strips

- Multivitamins

- Vicks Vapour rub

- Barrier cream

- Cough syrup

- Antiseptic body wipes

- Hand gel

- Blood bags


- Protein bars

- 3 in 1 coffee sachets

- Small packets of nuts/raisins

- Peanut butter in plastic jars

- Cup-a-soups


- Toothbrushes

- Toothpaste

- Body wash

- Wet wipes

- Pocket tissues

- Shower gel

- Pampers

- Sanitary towels

- Tampons


- Thermal vests/pants

- Balaclavas

- Shoe inserts

- Hand and feet warmers

- Opaque tights for warmth for both men and women (large)

- Snoods (neutral colours)

- Fingerless mittens

- Reading glasses from £shop


- Spanners

- Socket sets

- Torches with batteries

- Walkie talkies

- Waterproof ground sheets / sleeping mats

- Headwork lights (preferably red light)

- Dry bags (dark colours)

- Tow ropes

- Thermal blankets

- Foil body wraps

- Boot driers

- Plastic cups, plates and cutlery


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