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Welcome to
St James

St James is a small feisty church that wants to grow into a big church.

At the heart of our church family is a relationship with the Living God.


Maybe you've be coming to St James all your life, or perhaps this is the first time you've ever found us - but we would love to get to know you more.

To find out more about St James and to let us know who you are,

get in touch with us at 

A few things coming up

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Join us This Sunday

Morning worship - 10am

We come together to hear God's word, to remember Jesus' death and resurrection as we share bread and wine, and to sing and pray together. 

Tea, coffee, chat (and usually sausages!) follow the 10am service.

(on the 5th Sunday of the month we join together with the churches from the 'Cheshunt Team')

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